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Humpback Cloud Print


This is a print of my painting, Humpback Cloud, it is one of the works within the Cloud Series.

The intent of this series is to showcase the beauty of nature in a unique and different way.

The main focus of the artwork is to have the sky represent the ocean and with clouds shaped like majestic humpback whales, stretching and swimming across the horizon as far as the eye can see!

I wanted to give the viewer a sense of tranquility and wonderment when examining this painting.  To achieve this (hopefully!), I made use of vibrant pinks and purple hues against the backdrop of a serene blue sky.

This whale cloud artwork captures nature in a way that is not seen in the real world, yet I feel that it works with great effectiveness!

This print is available in multiple sizes and materials to suit your preferences. Whether you choose the high-quality archival inks with a matte finish on fine art paper or opt for unstretched/rolled canvas or stretched canvas, you can be assured of exceptional quality and longevity that I provide for my clients.

Bring the awe-inspiring beauty of the Humpback Cloud into your space and let it serve as a constant reminder of nature's grandeur. Perfect for art enthusiasts, nature lovers, or anyone looking for something different, this painting is sure to make a statement in any room.

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What You'll Receive


*Each print is signed
*Non toxic acid free ink and paper
*Each print will come unframed
*Colors might be slightly different due to different screen color settings
*Custom sizes are available – please contact me!

Paper Finish Options:

- High quality archival inks with Matte finish on Fine Art Paper (1 inch white border on all sides for framing and handling)

Canvas Options:

- High quality archival inks on unstretched/rolled canvas (3 inch mirrored border on all sides for framing and handling)

- High quality archival inks on stretched canvas (ready for framing/hanging)


Standard USA/Canada orders will be shipped via Tracked Standard Shipping and will arrive in 2-9 business days once dispatched.

All orders from other Countries will be shipped via International Standard Shipping and will arrive in 10-22 business days once dispatched. Package may or may not be tracked.

For more information, please click this link, or please contact me at [email protected].




Additional information


Matte Fine Art Paper, Canvas – Unstretched, Canvas – Stretched


6×8 Inches, 9×12 Inches, 16×20 Inches, 22×28 Inches


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